June 24, 2020

Joe Biden’s Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Record on Venezuela

With Joe Biden's handlers indicating they want to make their Florida campaign about Venezuela, now may be a good time to compare President Trump's strong record of leadership on this issue with Sleepy Joe's history of pathetic weakness toward Nicolás Maduro's regime.

  1. The Obama-Biden Administration strengthened Maduro's hand and weakened the opposition. According to The Miami Herald, the Obama-Biden State Department 'helped stabilize Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro’s regime by blocking sanctions against government leaders involved in drug trafficking and promoting a process of dialogue that ended up weakening the opposition.' In contrast, President Trump imposed the toughest sanctions ever on the Venezuelan regime and recognized Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido as the country's legitimate leader.
  2. Biden palled around with Nicolás Maduro and complimented him on his hair. Yes, this really happened. According to The New York Times, when Biden and Maduro crossed paths in Brazil in 2015, the Vice President walked up to the Venezuelan dictator, smiled and joked, 'If I had your hair, I'd be president of the United States!'
  3. President Trump's Justice Department indicted Maduro. While the Obama-Biden Administration looked the other way as the Maduro regime committed atrocities and trafficked drugs in order to avoid upsetting the Castro dictatorship during its failed rapprochement with Cuba, President Trump held the Venezuelan government accountable. In fact, the Trump Justice Department indicted Maduro and his band of thugs, who now face decades in prison for their crimes.
  4. Biden would embolden the Venezuelan regime by loosening sanctions on Cuba. Venezuela is a failed narco-state run by Cuban intelligence operatives. Rather than holding the Castro dictatorship accountable for propping up Maduro's regime, Biden has promised to ease sanctions on the Cuban government. In contrast, President Trump targeted the Cuban military's ability to support Maduro by imposing strong sanctions.
  5. Biden has neo-Marxists advising his campaign. While President Trump strongly stands with the people of Cuba and Venezuela, and pledged that America will never be a socialist country, Joe Biden is too weak to stand up to the hard Left. Biden even has Chavistas advising his campaign and showed no concerns with having a socialist leading his party.

Given Biden's terrible, no good, very bad record on Venezuela, maybe his handlers should sit this one out and let Sleepy Joe go back to eating ice cream in his basement.