August 04, 2020

Latinos for Trump Statement on Joe Biden’s Radical Anti-Hispanic Agenda

Latinos for Trump Executive Director Sandra Benitez issued the following statement regarding Joe Biden's radical anti-Hispanic agenda:

"The only reason why Joe Biden's handlers are now issuing a 'Latino plan' is because, like other white liberals, he only pretends to care about Hispanics and minorities when he wants our vote. Unlike Joe Biden's empty promises, President Trump has delivered real results for Hispanic families, including record-low unemployment and millions of new jobs for our communities before the coronavirus interrupted our economy. In contrast, Biden did nothing for Hispanics during his 47 years in Washington except lead the effort to massively incarcerate minorities and preside over millions of job losses for Hispanic Americans. Biden's far-left agenda is anti-Hispanic and includes raising taxes, crushing small businesses, attacking charter schools, and using taxpayer dollars that should go to help the poor to pay for late-term abortions. ¡No gracias, Joe!

"If his domestic policies were not bad enough, Biden is now considering naming a Castro-sympathizer as his running-mate while promising to ease President Trump's tough sanctions on Cuba's communist regime. A Biden administration would prop-up dictatorships and guerrillas that terrorize millions of Latinos across our hemisphere. Joe Biden wants to have it both ways, but he cannot be both pro-socialism and pro-Hispanic.

"Even Democrats admit that Biden's campaign has been a culturally incompetent disaster and his own staffers have exposed that he is actively suppressing the Hispanic vote while our Latinos for Trump coalition is building genuine relationships with voters across the country. This is why, come November 3, millions of Hispanics will join the diverse coalition of Americans that will re-elect President Trump."