October 10, 2020

Statement on The Release of Former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe

“We are pleased to learn that former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe has been released from house arrest. In August, Vice President Mike Pence called for Uribe, who is a hero, to be allowed to defend himself as a free man. The silence of Joe Biden — who is endorsed by former M-19 guerrilla leader Gustavo Petro — is shameful. Make no mistake: If elected, a Biden Administration will be run by the same Castro-Chavistas who control his campaign. Just like Joe Biden refuses to say if he will pack the U.S. Supreme Court, something dictator Nicolás Maduro has done in Venezuela, Biden has also not ruled out inviting Castro-Chavistas like Sen. Bernie Sanders, Rep. Alexandria-Ocasio-Cortez, and communist Rep. Karen Bass, whom he strongly considered as his running-mate, to lead his administration. Come November 3, Colombian Americans will make it clear that we want freedom and democracy in our country, not Castro-Chavismo.” 

- Fabio Andrade, Latinos for Trump Member