September 13, 2020

This Is Why President Trump’s Hispanic Support Is Growing

With polls showing President Trump's diverse coalition growing, we invite you to read this insightful article by Team Trump's Giancarlo Sopo on why our campaign is expanding its support among Hispanic American voters.

"There is a major disconnect between common media narratives that treat Hispanics as monolithic single-issue voters and how Hispanics actually feel about a wide range of issues. The caricatures that liberal reporters and pundits have concocted fail to capture the richness, political sophistication, and diversity of our communities."

"GOP operatives often say that Hispanics are natural GOP constituents because we are hard-working, family-centric, and pro-life. This is all true, but we also resist the left’s cultural edicts. Much of the president’s broader policy agenda — yes, including on immigration — is also popular with Hispanics. This is a fact that befuddles many political observers, and some refuse even to acknowledge it."

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