September 02, 2020

Trump Campaign Launches New Spanish Ad, ‘Contrastes,’ Highlighting Joe Biden’s Failed Economic Record With Hispanics

(Click here to watch "Contrastes")

The Trump re-election campaign announced today the launch of "Contrastes," (Contrasts) a new Spanish-language ad highlighting how Joe Biden's failed policies devastated Hispanic families while President Trump's agenda has helped our communities. The new spot will run in Florida, and comes as Biden's campaign is being criticized for its poor Latino outreach and its exclusion of Hispanic voices at the DNC Convention. Even Biden's own staff has called-out the campaign for "suppressing Hispanic voters." 

As this ad shows, the contrasts between President Trump and Joe Biden's records are clear:

  • While Joe Biden presided over the slowest economic recovery since the Great Depression, President Trump's economy was the best in the world before China unleashed the virus.
  • While wages for Hispanics stagnated under Joe Biden, they grew under President Trump.
  • While Hispanic families saw poverty rates hit historic highs under Joe Biden, poverty rates hit record lows under President Trump.

In short, Joe Biden does not have a record to run on with Hispanics, which is why his campaign has flat-lined with our communities while President Trump continues to grow his diverse coalition of supporters.

In fact, while we are skeptical of public polling, recent surveys show President Trump has significant momentum among Hispanic voters while Biden is underperforming past Democrat presidential candidates. According to an Emerson College poll released this week, if the election were held today, President Trump would earn 37% of the Hispanic vote, the highest percentage for a Republican presidential candidate since 2004. Meanwhile, the most recent Hill / HarrisX study shows that President Trump has gained 7 points among Hispanics in the past three weeks.