October 09, 2020

Trump Campaign Launches Spanish-Language Ad Highlighting Joe Biden’s “Despacito” Economic Record​

Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. announced today the launch of a new Spanish-language ad titled “Despacito” (Slow) featuring Joe Biden’s culturally incompetent attempt at Hispanic outreach by playing the popular Latin song by the same name, which served as a fitting reminder of Biden's lethargic economy. 

“Despacito” highlights what millions of Hispanics already know: Biden presided over the slowest economic recovery since the Great Depression. The poverty rate for Hispanics reached record highs under Biden's failed leadership, and now he’s promising to hurt our communities again with a $4 trillion tax hike and soft-on-crime policies.

Under President Trump, Hispanic unemployment was the lowest it has ever been, while Hispanic poverty reached an all-time low, and salaries for Latinos hit new highs. Hispanics know that President Trump is fighting for our communities, which is why the Trump campaign's diverse coalition is growing while Joe Biden continues alienating Latinos with his ridiculous Hispandering.

"Despacito" will run on television in key markets across the country.

Click here to watch "Despacito"