October 01, 2020

Trump Campaign Releases Spanish-Language Ad Condemning Joe Biden’s Plan to Redirect Police Funding

The Trump Campaign today released a new Spanish-language ad titled "Peligro" (Danger) to highlight Joe Biden's support for anti-police activists. As left-wing violence threatens the livelihood of citizens and business-owners in America's cities, Joe Biden has refused to condemn his supporters' radical actions. "Peligro" (Danger) features images of the chaos engulfing Democrat-run cities to show the threat of a Joe Biden administration, while emphasizing President Trump's strong actions to re-assert law and order. Only President Trump can stand up to the radical left and defend the American people.

The newly released ad will run on network Spanish-language television and in Arizona and Florida, and is part of the Trump campaign's eight-figure ad buy.

Click here to watch 'Peligro' (Danger)