October 07, 2020

Trump Campaign Running TV and Radio Puerto Rico Ads Highlighting Joe Biden’s Record of Failing Boricuas

Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. announced today that it is running new TV and radio ads highlighting Joe Biden's record of failure on Puerto Rico. The ads are airing in Puerto Rico, Florida, and other key markets. The announcement follows Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced's endorsement of President Trump. 

"Dignidad" (Dignity) and "Pa'lante" (Forward) are both narrated by Puerto Ricans who were raised on the island and now live in the continental United States. The two spots echo the sentiments of many Boricuas: Joe Biden had 47 years to help Puerto Rico and he did nothing except vote to eliminate Section 936, which destroyed the island's economy and sent its pharmaceutical industry to China, where Biden's "hijo talentoso" has done billions of dollars worth of business. 

“Governor Vázquez Garced understands  that Joe Biden has never done anything for Puerto Rico except vote to eliminate Section 936, which devastated the island’s economy and sent our pharmaceutical industry to China. Biden thinks so little of us Boricuas that he believes that by playing 'Despacito' we will forget how his failed policies hurt Puerto Ricans," said Juan Carlos Benitez, Latinos for Trump Board of Advisors.

"While President Trump is investing in our communities, the Biden campaign’s Hispanic outreach has been a disaster, and come November, Puerto Ricans will be an important part of the President’s winning coalition," added Benitez.

The ads are airing on television, radio, and digital platforms in Puerto Rico and key markets in the continental U.S.

Click here to listen to "Dignidad"

Click here to watch "Pa'lante"