July 08, 2020

Univision Is Not a News Network; It Is a Leftist Propaganda Machine and a Mouthpiece of the Democrat Party

All Americans should be outraged by the shadiness at Univision, a U.S.-based company currently lobbying for special privileges to become a 100% foreign-owned television network. It is bad enough that Univision has joined the Radical Left's attack on our national monuments, now it is actively pushing Marxist propaganda that is used by the communist regime in Cuba to indoctrinate students. To make matters worse, Univision is shamelessly lying about it. 

When Miami's El Nuevo Herald confronted Univision on their promotion of Marxist propaganda, Univision falsely claimed it was merely part of a 'forum' that 'occurred during Hispanic Heritage Month.' That is a direct quote from a Univision spokesperson to El Nuevo Herald and it is a lie. Hispanic Heritage Month runs from September to October. According to Univision's own website, their pro-Marxism panel was two weeks ago. Univision is currently promoting not just one, but two anti-American Marxist books on its social media platform. Now it turns out that one of the so-called 'Latino experts' that Univision invited to its 'forum' is a supporter of Cuba's  dictatorship who shares pro-Castro quotesChe Guevara imagery, and suggested it would be 'ominous' for Cuba to become a free and capitalist nation. Univision's promotion of Marxism is disgraceful, disgusting, and unacceptable.

For years, Univision has distorted basic facts and hid the truth about the Democrat Party's radicalism from its viewers because it knows it will alienate Hispanic voters. They think they can get away with their left-wing political activism posing as journalism because they are a Spanish-language network and believe no one will notice their dishonesty. But there are many proud Hispanic conservatives who support President Trump who are here to tell Univision—clearly and firmly—that their days of lying, deceptive reporting, corruption, and manipulating our community are over.

Univision is not a news network; it is a leftist propaganda machine and a mouthpiece of the Democrat Party. We will treat them accordingly.