September 04, 2020

NEW VIDEO: Hispanic Unemployment Fell in August as the Economy Generated 1.4 Million Jobs

(Click here to watch "Regreso")

The Trump re-election campaign launched a new online Spanish-language video on the new jobs report issued this morning. The video, titled "Regreso," is being released as news reports show that Joe Biden continues struggling with Hispanic voters. "Regreso" highlights that President Donald Trump's efforts to protect workers and businesses during the coronavirus pandemic are clearly paying off for all Americans.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics announced that the unemployment rate fell to 8.4% in August with Hispanics seeing the largest decline in unemployment of any group. The unemployment rate among women, Blacks, Asians, and veteran’s all fell, too, as the President is rebuilding a strong economy for all Americans. 

To put the August jobs report in perspective: 

  • The 1.8-point drop in the national unemployment rate is the second largest one-month decline in U.S. history. 
  • It is also 2.5 times larger than the best month of jobs gains during Biden's anemic "recovery." 
  • Under Biden, it took over two years – 27 months – to gain back the same percentage of jobs.
  • Under Biden, the economy took nearly 7 times as long to add back this percentage of jobs.  

President Trump is making America’s economy great again. Hispanics understand that Joe Biden would be the worst possible person to put in charge of our economy. As VP, Biden presided over the slowest recovery since the Great Depression while wages stagnated and poverty levels hit record highs for our communities.